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In celebration of the Philadelphia Flyers winning the Eastern Conference tonight, from now until Saturday, May 29th (game time – 8pm ET) we will be offering $4.90 off of Fire and Ice.  (Michael Leighton’s number is 49 – Flyers goalie) Buy this book over at the “bookstore” NOW and enjoy the rest of the playoffs! […]

The books arrived Friday and look fantastic! The bookstore has made the changes to reflect that the books are now in stock.  Hurry up and buy your copy of "Fire and Ice" because there are a limited number of copies.

We just received word that the copies of "Fire and Ice" will be arriving TOMORROW.  Yes, that’s Friday! As soon as they arrive, they will be available for purchase.  With that in mind, we will begin selling the ECopy in PDF format.  We are working on a Mobi format as well if anyone prefers Mobi.  […]

As we speak "Fire and Ice" is being printed!  The proof looks amazing and we really can’t wait to see the final version. We are working hard at getting the shopping cart set up here.  We’re almost there and as soon as we have it working the E-Copy will be available for purchase immediately in […]