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I think this is going to be my last entry for a long while because the most amazing thing happened to me today. I finished up my private lesson this afternoon and that guy that Dylan thought was a scout showed up again. He came up to me and I though either he was going […]

That same guy who was watching us during the summer league was back at the rink today even though all we had were lessons and private lessons. I hope he’s not a stalker or something. Maybe he’s looking to buy the rink or invest in something here. Don’t know what his deal is but he […]

School’s back in session and so are our skating program. It’s neat to get new faces and wonder who is coming back. I always like looking at the lists before I head out to see who is back. I got the advanced (under 12) hockey kids again. Most of them knew me from either lessons […]

Had a nice Labor Day. Dad had all my brother’s (and me) and a few friends over for a cook out . Its funny to watch him try to grill. Its usually a matter of time until he turns a burger into a hockey puck and Mike takes over for him. At least the old […]