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All the college kids are gone and the pee wee camps are over. There really isn’t anything going on except a few private lessons and babysitting the free skate. At least no one really comes in to skate in the end of the summer so I can play around or practice. If anyone shows up […]

Yay! We won the league title! It was so great to win, even if the trophy is small. It will sit in the trophy window until next summer. After the game we all went out to O’Riley’s, even the underage kids. At eleven, the kids all got kicked out but the rest of us stayed […]

One more game to go! One more game to deal with Dylan. I’ve been good and not punched him all season. So what if I’ve knocked him on his butt several times. The refs never caught me and coach never seemed to be looking in my way both at practice and the games. No one […]

Two more games to go before we’re done this season. The next team I play for doesn’t start up until mid October so I’ll be working out on my own for a while. Its a nice break though, to go from team to only training individually once in a while. I still train by myself […]

We’ve secured first place in the summer league! We’re all really happy about this and went out for drinks last night. Well, those who could go out for drinks at O’Riley’s so it was really like half the team that showed up. We didn’t exclude anyone due to age but the younger ones just didn’t […]

Only a few more games to go before the season is over and the college kids go back to school (and Dylan too – yay!). We’re ranked second out of ten teams but if we win tonight, we’ll be back in first. Being Captain can be very hard at times. I need to show leadership […]