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I love it when there is open ice and I can have the whole rink to myself even if its too early in the morning. I love how everything sounds so crisp. From the sounds my skates make to the “crack” the puck makes when I nail it into the boards, its something that seems […]

The July camp finished up. Decent group of kids for the most part. The August session starts in a week. (They gave us a week off in between sessions.) Some of the kids were really good and others…. well some of them really sucked. From what they said, my two best forwards are coming back […]

It’s kind of weird. We’ve had some of the same new faces watching us at practice and at some of our games. They aren’t new “Rink Bunnies” either. Just vague, middle aged guys. None of the guys on the team know them but Dylan swears that they are scouts looking at him to go and […]

We just had a game in the summer league. I got two goals and would have gotten a third if it wasn’t for Dylan showboating and not being a team player. The refs don’t like it when you punch your own players though. At least I’ve been playing enough to know that and I’ll save […]

I HATE DYLAN! ‘Nuf said! Bobbie Burke is the main character of “Fire and Ice” due out October 2008.

My niece had her first lesson with me today. First lessons are always the hardest, especially when the parents are constantly taking pictures of us. Its some what of a normal thing for parents to do. They are trying to document their child’s first lessons for if they become a world famous figure skater or […]

I’m going to kill this new “kid” on the team. Its his first year that he’s old enough to play with us. Dylan finished his sophomore year of college and thinks he’s all that because he make his college hockey team. I mean, good for him for making it but its only a Division 3 […]

Happy Forth of July! I’m off to my brother’s house (Bill) for a good ol’ BBQ. Not sure what I’ll do after that but I’ll probably go over one of my team mate’s home and hang out. Can’t stay out too late though. I have to be on the ice by 6am if I’m going […]

My summer league team is pretty decent. We have some college kids that came back. They’re okay but there’s no way they are going to make it to the “big show”. I should know, I played with a few of the guys in college that decided to leave school and turn pro. Some of them […]

It has been decided that the novel "Thunder and Lightning" will actually be called "Fire and Ice".  The author decided to change the title and we all think its for the best.

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